Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Easter NON-Egger

Lottie and Wanda are giving us a dependable two eggs per day, always in their little nesting box, but Maude is being a little b&*ch and refusing to lay eggs. She's also skittish and squawks like we're killing her when we have to pick her up. So, we're stuck with an Easter non-Egger. I mean, she's 7 months old, she should be laying by now! C'mon girl, earn your keep!


  1. I have found that my Ameraucanas lay very infrequently in the low-light months. Maybe she'll come around when the days start to get longer.

    Lovely beard!

  2. She looks like the rooster I just gave away. He was a very large bird, and beautiful. But I didn't have a use for him. I'm not real familiar with Ameracaunas, but I do have some black stars that are just starting to lay at 8 months. I have 5 of them, and I'm getting 1 egg a day. Just be patient. When I got my whites they were already laying. But the move to my house caused them to quit laying for 2 and a half months. I was nearly ready to give them away. Patience is what it takes.

  3. None of my chickens love being picked up which is kind of disappointing. From day one they'd scream their little heads off if dared to pick them up. I have an Australorp and two easter eggers (love those funny whiskers). I figure it's probably better for them to be skittish especially in the Hollywood Hills -- they'll probably live longer. Mine just hit 5 months and I'm getting very anxious for eggs. The prospect of 7 months is unbearable! C'mon girls, do your thing!