Monday, January 4, 2010

Gobble Gobble

So, my husband ran into our next door neighbor. In the midst of catching up on neighborhood news, etc., she says to him, "Oh...I think someone has a turkey around here. I've heard him!"

Now, this is one of our next door neighbors, whose yard we can clearly see into, and we always assumed could see into ours. We've had our Omlet set up for about 9 months now, so we just figured she's looked into our yard and seen the coop and the three feathered hens running around. Apparently not. However, she has heard noises resembling a turkey. :)

My husband gently pointed out that WE actually have THREE chickens, and hastened to invite her grandson over to see them the next time he came over. (He's good at managing potential problems.) I don't think she quite knew what to say, but I'm happy to report that our three chickens have gone unnoticed (but not unheard) by one our neighbors for the past 8 months. Take that, urban chicken opponents!


  1. Chickens are certainly quieter and cleaner than dogs and kids. No hatin'on our chooks, people!

  2. I'm not urban by any means, but I do have neighbors all around. No complaints, though. The farmer behind me has chickens of his own, and some of mine I bought off my next door neighbor. I have nine roosters that like to compete in crowing, and start about 5:30 a.m. But farmer says he loves the sound, and no one said they are bothered by it. Good luck. Hope you future issues arise!

  3. was having a really bad day until I found your site. Thank you so much for the effort you take to post your stuff. Made me feel great.
    Shane ill be back