Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pecking Order

I think the photo says it all - chickens first, dogs second.

Dinnertime at my house involves everyone (sans cat) giving me pleading looks from outside the screen door. The chickens know they get a scoop of food when I lock them in at night, so they've taken to running up to the door when they see me come home at night to beg for food. The dogs always get let out while I prepare their food, so now there are five sets of eyes beseeching me for food as I attempt to get settled in, feed the howling cat, prepare the dog food and then take a scoop outside to get the chickens herded back into their coop. Good times.


  1. Cute! I have 3 bantam cochin hens and a rooster spending the winter in my garage and every morning, they leave their pen and sit on the step that leads to my kitchen door and "Red" (the rooster) crows to me. They're waiting for their breakfast. I just love peaking out the window in the kitchen door and seeing them looking up at me. "Hurry up, Mom!"

  2. In the warmer months Mike lets the chickens range the yard, so when I get home the chickens all race like crazy to the truck to see if I have anything. Also, when I walk in the house the cats all know it's time to eat dinner. And Black Kitty meows at the top of his lungs like he hasn't eaten in days! Sometimes it's hysterical...other times it's just plain annoying.

  3. my scotties (both of them) are lower in the pecking order and the hens know it!!!

  4. "Sometimes it's hysterical...other times it's just plain annoying." - I'm right there with you on that, Randy!

  5. oh this just made me giggle.
    sweet. :)