Monday, May 31, 2010

No Brooding Yet No Eggs

Lottie seems to have snapped out of her brooding, but we seem to have some kind of protest going on. We haven't had an egg from anyone since 5/28. This is horrible! I actually had to buy eggs to make cupcakes this weekend.


  1. Sometimes those girls just have a mind of their own!


  2. Something may have thrown them off lay by upsetting them. A change in feed, a visiting predator, or noise can do it. Have you checked for snakes? Last year my egg count went way down. 4 days later I found a 7 foot black rat snake in a nest.


  3. broodiness will cause that, too. I was getting a dozen or more eggs a day. Now I'm down to 2-5 eggs. When I collect them in the afternoon they are all warm because they are sitting on them. They're not gonna miss a meal though. My hens are fat girls, and act like they are starving when I feed them!

  4. Well, I hope they start for you soon. :)