Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Chickens

Posting to this blog has taken a back seat to "real life" stuff like traveling for work and getting a wisdom tooth extracted, but I'm back! The ladies are doing well. Some days we get three eggs, some days only one, but we haven't had to purchase eggs in months!

The photo at right is of Lottie and Wanda enjoying my husband's juice "sludge" - the leftover stuff that spews from the juicer. We've also started feeding the ladies sunflower seeds and flax seeds on a daily basis. I put them back on organic feed again, which they protested against for a day or two, but seem to be eating it with gusto now. I was ordering from McGeary Organics, but the shipping was killing me and I couldn't justify paying that kind of expense, so they had to go with the non-organic food I found at the local pet food store. Luckily I found that East Valley Tack & Feed, where I purchase equine grain and supplies, will special order Purina organic feed and they don't charge me ANY shipping as it comes in with the rest of their Purina order.


  1. Sounds extruciating. Never had a wisdom tooth removed. Don't wanna. My girls get pellets from Tractor Supply. I call it Farm Wal-Mart. I love the place. My farmer friend often has stuff left in the field that he gives us to give the chickens. They ate lots of collards over the winter.

  2. Kruse Organic Layer Feed at Stephen's Feed store in Burbank. My girls dig it. :-)