Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still Brooding

This has become our daily ritual: Lottie refuses to leave the box. I extract her from the box. I then ply her with treats and hope she is motivated to stay outside the box, which doesn't work, so I repeat the same process the next day. How long can this go on?

Lottie Extraction:

Lottie & the other girls eating their sunflower seed treat:

By the time I posted this and looked outside, Lottie was back in the box.


  1. I extract broodies 4-6 times a day. Some times it works, others it doesn't. Most I have to make it so that they absolutely cannot get into a nest. Even then I have a few that will not break. Right now I am dealing with 20 broodies!!! The egg count is suffering.

    Puff and Maggie have been like this for over a month. They are about to break me and force me to let them have some eggs. Last year, Puff didn't break from broodiness till she started molting in AUGUST!

    Also have 2 with babies and another due tomorrow.

    Good luck with yours.


  2. I just had my NPIP inspection/certification and the guy who did it (he has raised/showed & judged poultry for over 50 years!) told me that to break a broody he dips them in cold water! He said that broody hens actually have a higher body temperature and dipping them in cold water will 'break the fever' and they'll stop having the desire to set.

    I haven't tried it yet but it sounds good to me!


  3. Ugh...more months of THIS? Lottie is wrecking havoc on my egg supply, too. She seems to have thrown everyone off! I'm tempted to try the cold water trick - I guess I could just spray her with the hose. (That's actually what we do to Wanda when she squawks early in the morning.)

  4. Wow, mine usually just give up after about 3 weeks.

  5. Oh Lottie is beautiful!! Go ahead and give her a few eggs. It'll be fun. I hope to have some broodies next year.