Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Composted Horse Manure

Composted Horse Manure Pile on Side of House
Of all the things I imagined myself learning as a child, the nuances of horse manure wasn't on the list. While I LOVED horses and never minded their manure, I didn't picture myself taking it home with me one day. Life is funny like that....I actually wrote an article about the subject for eHow a few years ago.

This whole horse manure expertise began when we decided to start our garden. My husband did a ton of research and realized there was FINALLY something useful my horse could provide - manure. In exchange for the thousands of hours of time and countless dollars spent on said horse, I agreed to transport horse manure IN MY CAR from the barn in plastic tubs to our house to use for the garden.  (See a picture of said bounty in my previous post on this topic, Easter Poop.)

Well, it is now 2013 and I have a different car and a different horse boarding situation, making the acquisition of poop much more difficult than it was a few years ago. Enter Rototiller Guy. We used him to rip out our sod prior to turning our backyard into Chicken Paradise and he also provides manure delivery by the truckload to your house.

So we now have a lovely pile of composted horse manure on the side of our house. My husband is working to fill all of our beds with it, but it is a HUGE project. It took him several days to dig our trash barrels out. :) He is getting a great workout, though. Hopefully our garden will be extra verdant due to all his hard work!

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