Monday, April 20, 2009

Yogurt is a Chick's Best Friend

I've spent the past few days trying to get the chicks more accustomed to me. They were pretty easy to handle the first couple of days, but they've gained in both size and agility seemingly overnight. Their cute, whisper-like peeps have morphed into full out shrieks every time I stick my hand in their cage. That was, until I discovered the allure of plain yogurt. I picked up this tip from the Backyard Chickens forum, and it has opened up a new world of friendship between me and my feathered friends. They still aren't too keen on being picked up, but they seem to have grown less afraid of my hand in their cage. I'm met with only a medium level of dramatic wing flapping and screeching now. 

They are growing amazingly fast.  Lottie and Wanda seem to be growing at the same rate, but Maude is a lot larger and has the most feathers. (Maude is on the left, Lottie is to the right.) Their personalities are also beginning to take shape. Lottie is the most athletic. She likes madly launching herself off the top of the feeder. Wanda is a drama queen. Her shrieks are the loudest and she runs around in circles shrieking when you try and pick her up, but she is the first to come eat yogurt off my fingers. Maude is the most laid back. At first, we thought she might be "special" due to her staid nature, but I think this is just how she rolls.

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